Who we are


Hidden Track Theatre is a company committed to playing with the rules of theatre, inside and out of traditional spaces.

Bringing audiences on to the stage, but also through parks, alleys, basements, and even old fridges, we seek to create immersive, responsive worlds; while always maintaining strong roots in traditional narrative storytelling.

We are driven by work that engages audiences in fresh and innovative ways - pushing the boundaries of what the medium can do, while crucially remaining accessible and relevant to as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

While aiming to do something new and exciting with every piece we create, we also think it is important that every element of the piece works to convey a clear political/social message, and to tell a strong, emotional narrative that is accessible to anyone, regardless of background or prior knowledge/experience of theatre.

In the past we have convinced audiences to tell stories with no actors on stage; discuss mental health in the dark; follow witches through the trees; lie, cheat, steal; and walk blindfolded and alone into an abandoned industrial fridge.

We have presented work in Manchester, London, Sheffield, Oxford and Norwich, and are always looking for new artists and venues to collaborate with and push ourselves further.


The Team

Hidden Track works with a new team for every show, and we're always thrilled to meet and work with new artists. However we do have a few core members, and a growing pool of associate artists.


Elliot Hughes, Artistic Director

Elliot Hughes is a Performer, Writer and Spoken Word Poet who has been trying to work out the rules of theatre since being a child, and trying to bend and break them since he started playing at Being A Grown-up.

He is currently writing in the third person.
He thinks it makes him sound serious.

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Anoushka Bonwick, Associate Director

As one of the founding members of Hidden Track, Anoushka has directed many of Hidden Track's productions, including Noises in the Dark, Scavengers, and As the Sun Goes Down.

She has worked as a Facilitator for the National Youth Theatre and Tangled Feet, working on projects such as Rainbow Sibs, a theatre week for children with autistic siblings; and helped manage a cast of over 100 performers and young adults in One Million, a large scale show responding to the problem of youth unemployment in the UK.

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Associate Artists

Joe Brownbridge

Steph Reynolds

Victoria Tunnah