The Balloon Who Couldn't Fly


This is a balloon. His name is John. Also, her name is Sarah. And Bob. And Rebecca, and Letitia, and Mohammed.
Here he is smiling. He usually smiles, although sometimes she frowns, or looks sad or shocked.
Here he is a lovely red colour, but sometimes she is blue, yellow or green.

This balloon has a lot of names and faces, because it's you who created them. And you. And you.

But there's one thing that all these balloons have in common.
None of them know how to fly.


Performing as part of Contact Theatre's Not Another Festival, The Tale of the Balloon Who Couldn't Fly invites you through the forbidden corridors and to all the places it's against the rules to go. There you will create your balloon, and take them on a journey towards the sky. But balloons are very fragile creatures. You must protect your balloon from all manner of untold obstacles, and above all else, you MUST keep him hidden from The Keeper of the Rules.

It's against the rules for a balloon to get above his station.
And The Keeper of the Rules carries a knitting needle.


Elliot Hughes - Writer, Director, Storyteller
Joe Brownbridge - Keeper of the Rules