Elliot Hughes - Artistic Director



Elliot was brought up in Manchester by a wonderful, formidable single mother and spent his childhood making games, telling stories and constantly moving house to run away from bailiffs.

Elliot is no longer running away from bailiffs, but is still carrying on with the games and stories.

Elliot is a Performer, Writer and Theatre Maker who has been trying to work out the rules of theatre since being a child, and trying to bend and break them since he started playing at Being A Grown-up.

After studying Scriptwriting and Performance at the University of East Anglia, Elliot graduated and found himself on the dole. The Job Centre told him to take his degree off his CV as it made him 'unemployable'. This inspired him to co-found Hidden Track, as a way of pursuing his passion for taking theatre to new places, engaging with audiences in new ways, and creating and telling new stories.

As well as writing each of Hidden Track's shows to date, he has served the company as a Performer, Director, Technician, Graphic/Sound Designer, and basically whatever is suddenly needed at the time. He is only any good at the Writey, Performy stuff.

As well as Hidden Track, Elliot has worked with companies such as The Crystal Maze Live, Contact, Theatre Delicatessen, Word of Warning, Stuff of Dreams and many others. He loves finding new people to collaborate with, as each one he finds seems to make him better and better at this art-making lark. Also for the extra drinking buddies.

Elliot is currently writing in the third person.
He thinks it makes him sound serious.


Performance credits include:

Scavengers - (Hidden Track; Chorlton Green/St. Anne's Square, Manchester)

You, Me, and a Scary Story - (Hidden Track; Moor Theatre Deli, Sheffield)

Told in Confidence - (Hidden Track/hAb; Z-Arts, Manchester)

Rope(Stuff of Dreams Theatre; Rural Tour, Norfolf/Suffolk)

Playing God (Rehearsed Reading) - (MediaMedea; Kings Arms, Salford)

The Balloon Who Couldn't Fly - (Hidden Track; Contact Theatre, Manchester)

The Adventures of Sky the Reluctant Hero: Sleepwalk - (Digging Deep; Night-time Streets, Manchester)

Noises in the Dark - (Hidden Track; Roundhouse Theatre, Camden)

Bent - (Minotaur Theatre Company; UEA Drama Studio, Norwich)

The Trial - (Minotaur Theatre Company; UEA Drama Studio, Norwich)

One Fine Day (adaptation) - (Anoushka Bonwick; Norwich Puppet Theatre)

One For the Road -(Minotaur Theatre Company; UEA Drama Studio, Norwich)

Grimm Tales - (Kaboodle Theatre; Norwich Puppet Theatre)


Writing credits include:

Every show you see here - (Hidden Track; Manchester, Sheffield, Norwich, London)

Wrong - (Minotaur Theatre Company; UEA Drama Studio, Norwich)

The Tapestries - (Minotaur Theatre Company; UEA Drama Studio, Norwich)

Contacting the World '10 Street Festival - (Contact; Streets of Manchester)

One Fine Day (adaptation) - (Anoushka Bonwick; Norwich Puppet Theatre)

Psychomachia - (Verbally Challenged; Contact Theatre, Manchester)

Buy:Sell - (Space 3; Contact, Manchester/LIPA, Liverpool/The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen)