Noises in the Dark


Performed as part of the Roundhouse Theatre's Show Slam in 2012, Noises in the Dark is a piece performed entirely in darkness, save for torches, glowsticks, candles and fairy lights held by the performers.

It tells the story of a man and a woman born from nothing after the world before them has been washed away. Through each other they discover the movement of their bodies, the sounds of their voices, and the force of their emotions as they try to survive in a world of nothingness, watched constantly by sinister figures chattering in the shadows.

An exploration of the rhythms and sounds that make up language, all built on a simple emotional tale of a man and a woman with everything else stripped away.

The Team

Written by Elliot Hughes
Directed by Anoushka Bonwick

Tom Crooke - The Man (Bo)
Jasmine Blackborow - The Woman (Em)

Anna Bella Braybrooke - Laughing God
Elliot Hughes - Mad God
Nadia Newstead - Whispering God
Thomas Wingfield - Mocking God