Scavengers - Hazard


The Great Animal Spirits: Lion, Bear, Raven, Wolf, are fighting a fierce and terrible war.

This is not their story.

Hidden Track Theatre invite you to meet the Spirits like... Badger. And Fox. Spirits who must scavenge to survive. They don't get invited to posh dos like wars. But they have their own schemes. And through secret instructions, tasks and games, it'll be us that fight their battles for them.

Only one of them can tell the Story of the Great War.
We have to choose which one.

Badger or Fox?

As part of Word of Warning's Hazard Festival, Badger and Fox invaded St. Anne's Square on Saturday July 12th 2014. Throughout the day, they competed for attention and loyalty; leading audience to unknown alleyways, seducing them with storytelling, plying them with gifts, and then giving out secret tasks for them to show your support.

On this occasion, Badger won the day, and was granted the solemn task of seeing through to the other side, and looking upon the Great Animal Spirits.

He won the battle, but he has not won the war. We have not heard the last of Badger and Fox. And there may still be other Scavengers yet to emerge.

Watch this space...