As the Sun Goes Down


The Sun God's greatest treasure has been stolen.

He and his servant must come down to the earth to capture the thief. Representatives from the land, the sea and the sky have been called down to witness the event, but all is not as it seems.

Devious Witches prowl the land, a silent Storyteller watches on, and The Stranger slinks through the shadows.

A new world is waking as the sun goes down.

Created specifically for the space, As the Sun Goes Down is the first play ever to take audiences around Chorlton Park, Manchester, using a fairy-tale aesthetic to present an original mythology.
As heckling hoodies become the Sun God and his servants, and Moon-worshipping witches cast spells from slides and swings, the performers and the audience construct a magical world from their surroundings; with enough fun and energy to capture younger audiences, and enough depth, questioning, and emotional weight to engage the adults, all those who witness will get to shape the events of the day.

A new world is waking As the Sun Goes Down.

Performed to a sell-out audience in May 2013 as part of Chorlton Arts Festival.

Audience Feedback

'Hidden Track's As the Sun Goes Down created an original and engaging story world, while keeping audience members of all ages engaged and entertained. Artistically strong, with excellent performances all round, it was great to see a young theatre company really pushing themselves in terms of production, content, and collaboration. As the Sun Goes Down was, for me, a highlight of Chorlton Arts Festival.'
- Sean Gregory, Theatre Development Coordinator at Creative Industries Trafford and Waterside Arts Centre

'The performances brought the park to life, and were a huge success.'
- Cllr. Ian Hyde, Manchester City Council

'I felt like I was in a magical world, and I really cared about the characters!'

'The ambitious scale of the production was executed with skill and precision, making the detailed characters and their varied settings a pleasure to behold.'

'I was glad the Sun God was happy at the end, and the blue man gave me a flower.'
- Lucy (age 6)


Sun God - Joe Brownbridge
Servant to the Sun - Victoria Tunnah
Hagstagger - Helen Batchelor
Croneslump - Sal Maguire
Whistle - Laura Martin
Storyteller of the Seas - Joe Wright
Woman without a Voice - Ella Sherr
The Blind Thief - Cael O'Sullivan
The Stranger - Stuart Rees, Maia Terra

Musicians of the Seas - The Kraken Ceilidh Band

Creative Team

Written by Elliot Hughes
Directed and Produced by Elliot Hughes and Anoushka Bonwick
Costume - Helen Batchelor, Anoushka Bonwick, Jess Boyes and the Cast
Make-up - Anna Fraser-Allen
Set and Props - Elliot Hughes, Joe Brownbridge, Helen Bachelor
Photography - David Jennings

Special Thanks to Chorlton Arts Festival, Manchester City Council, Friends of Chorlton Park, Envirolution, and Contact Theatre.