Breaking rules, telling stories.




Hidden Track Theatre is an award-winning company committed to playing with the rules of theatre, inside and out of traditional spaces.

Inviting audiences on to the stage, but also through parks, alleys, basements, and even old fridges; we seek to create immersive, responsive worlds, while always maintaining strong roots in traditional narrative storytelling.


Some words on Hidden Track:

"An ambitious and talented group of theatre makers, who explore narrative and audience in intriguing ways."
John McGrath, Artistic Director, Manchester International Festival
"Fantastically entertaining whilst being perfectly apposite."
Felicity Jackson, Now Then on 'Standard:Elite'
“An all-round delightful and enlightening experience.”
Samantha Williams, The State of the Arts on 'Standard:Elite'
"Breaks spine-bristling new ground."
Roger Foss, The Stage on 'You, Me, and a Scary Story'
"Crowd-pleasing style... that dares to challenge the validity of political theatre."
David Cunningham, Manchester Theatre Awards on 'Boxes'


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Supported by Arts Council England




Winner of GM Fringe 2016 Award for
'Best New Writing'


Standard:Elite script now available in Paperback and eBook format.

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